We are a Non-Governmental Non-Profit Development Organization that was implemented in 2008, ALCANCE is an association of 70 Youth Outreach Centers (CDAJ), which seeks the sustainability of the methodology of the centers. Through the management of funds, it promotes peaceful environments in the communities that help to change the life patterns of children and young people who are at risk due to exclusion, discrimination, social injustice and violence.

We seek to be a hope for people who are at social risk.

Humanitarian Aid

We help people who have gone through adverse situations, such as floods, hurricanes, reconstruction work, etc.

Educational homologation

We help people who are out of school age to be able to finish elementary school and continue with their studies.


Young people are trained in order to develop their skills for insertion into the labor market and are offered benefits such as: entrepreneurship, employability, seed capital, etc.

4. Creative use of free time

We carry out cultural activities, recreational activities, training in soft skills, recreational activities, among others, in which children and young people have the opportunity to develop their creativity and use their time constructively.

Training in values and virtues

In the CDAJ our main reason for being is that each young person is instructed with values and virtues from childhood, in order to have people committed to peace, offering them an opportunity for improvement and rejection of any kind of violence.

Our Purpose

To sensitize and mobilize the community to assist children, adolescents and youth at risk, developing their skills in a healthy, loving and understanding environment for their participation in society.

Our values:

Solidarity and community belonging.

Collaborate through donations, employees, economic support, funds for humanitarian aid, scholarships, sponsorship of children, etc., to communities where they are of benefit to children, youth and adults at social risk.

Social Responsibility

The CDAJs serve different institutions as a support platform within the communities for the development of activities that keep the beneficiaries away from social risk.

Commitment and leadership

Helping communities in youth violence prevention, migration interruption, community health, entrepreneurship and employability, knowledge generation, etc.

Transparency and credibility

The Association of Outreach Centers has the technical and financial capacity to be accountable to organizations that, through grants, agreements, donations and/or contracts provide funds to the institution

Youth Outreach Centers are a violence prevention methodology. They are physical spaces, located within communities highly affected by violence, are conceived as a meeting point and platforms that offer opportunities aimed at the integral development of young people.

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